Hostal Villa Colonial Frank y Arelys

Para el disfrute de toda su familia / For the enjoyment of all your family


He received an overhaul. Photos of the park and its surroundings is. It can be seen in one of them, "union", which is currently a shop in currencies of various goods and which was owned by Francisco Olay and Rogelio Ulibarri Rodriguez, the former husband of Mercedes Eusa Oliva (Mama) and the second, our grandfather and husband of Eusa Eloisa Oliva (grandmother). Around the park facilities exist both in national and foreign currency. It is a way to compensate coins and acquisition possibilities of the population has no access to the currency. In national currency, prices are quite moderate, which allows the government to offset the level of opinion of the population.
Establishments around the park:
In currency: The Three Kings, The Seven Juanes, The Louvre, The Hotel Mascotte, Hotel Barcelona, shop La Union, Hotel Way to the Pince, Hostal The Real, shop The Eighth Villa.
National Currency: Legends nightclub, café La Fe, The Driver's Bar cafe, restaurant and nightclub Los Portales, creamery ice cream parlor Americas. Then there are the Florist (selling flowers), the music museum Alejandro Garcia Caturla and Museum carousing, the Art Gallery, the Cultural Center La Tertulia (has a gastronomic center in the back) and the House of culture.
The municipal band gives concerts retretas three times a week in the park area in the morning from 10am.